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Interview with Insurance Asia: Why Surer pins the insurance industry’s future in tech

By October 21, 2021April 13th, 2022No Comments


It was a shared passion for technology that brought together the founders of an insurtech startup, Surer—Gordon Tay, Renfred Tay, and Derren Teo—to begin their journey towards a “surer” way for insurance firms to do business.

Gordon, who was inspired in his time working at PropertyGuru and Carousell to build his own business, first brought the idea to Derren. Derren was his college classmate who also happens to work in the insurance industry. During their regular catch up with each other, Derren lamented about the many inefficiencies and pain points in the industry that he believed could be resolved with technology.

It was then that Gordon and Derren decided that this was something they could do—modernise a traditional-leaning industry. However, they still needed someone with prior experience in running a startup from scratch. That was when they roped in Gordon’s brother, Renfred, who coincidentally was just about to exit a vendtech startup he was an angel investor of. Thus, Surer was born.

Established in September 2020, Surer aims to bring a very much silo-ed and offline industry online. It is a digital ecosystem that works very similar to how they would interact with each other but supercharged with tech and automation to help eliminate process inefficiencies, streamline communications, and ensure better product distribution…

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