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Video Tutorial Part 1: Getting started – managing your Profile, Client Directory and Referral Circle

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In this article, we would like to provide you with bite-sized video tutorials on key things you’d need to do to get yourself set up and get going on Surer!


Account information management

Your profile section is where you manage the following account information

  • Mobile Number
  • Accreditation Number
  • Email
  • Social Media account

Your account information is VERY important because

  • Email address
    • This is what will be used for logging into your Surer account
    • This is where all notifications will be sent to
    • This is where all automated emails to underwriters and clients will be sent from
  • Mobile number and Accreditation number
    • This will be shown in important automated communications between you and your underwriters, clients and agents you work with on a referral
  • Social Media account
    • This will provide other agents who are looking to add peers to their Referral Circle with further information about who you are

Here’s a video tutorial on how to go about managing your account information:


Principals and Underwriters

Your profile section is also where you set up the list of insurers (and underwriters you work with) of which you represent.

This is a foundational step because:

  • This will determine if you can share an instant quote with your clients or not
  • This will allow other agents to search for you within Surer, to either add you to their Referral Circle and/or refer a proposal to you
  • Most importantly, this will allow you to select and send a completed proposal to the correct insurer(s) / underwriter(s)
  • The information you set up here will be used in all automated communications for e.g. addressing your Underwriter with the correct name in an email or sending the proposal to the correct email address for your underwriter to get back to you with a quote!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to go about doing so:


Client Directory

The first step to creating a proposal is to select a client.

You will only have a client to select after creating them in your client directory!

In doing so, many of your proposal forms will be pre-populated with relevant information. This also means you just need to do this once and all future proposal creation will be a breeze for this particular client!

Adding a new client

This video tutorial will show you how to add a new client to your Client Directory



Get your clients to ‘create themselves’ in your Client Directory

We understand it may be tedious for you to ask your clients for information and then keying them in on your own.

Use this feature to blast a client creation form to your base of clients!

With this, you can ensure accuracy of information and be able to quickly populate your client directory!

Managing your Client Directory

As you would have seen in the two video tutorials above on creating a client, there are various types of Client groups you can create.

What is a client group you may ask.

We understand how you may have multiple clients who fall within the same family or company. 

What we have done is to allow you to group all clients you have created in your database on Surer in various groups so you never have to worry about missing out on the different relationships each of your clients have with each other – be it within the same family or company.

The following video tutorial will show you how you can manage such groups and also editing or deleting clients from your client director.

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And there you have it – once you have done the above, you are all set to experience the wonders of a supercharged business with Surer’s technology!

Still unsure about how to go about using Surer? Fret not!

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