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Survey for upcoming webinar series

By August 16, 2021April 13th, 2022No Comments

We have been getting really great feedback for the monthly webinars we have conducted.

Having wrapped up our latest series of four webinars where we shared our views on what makes the intermediary of tomorrow from leveraging digital transformation, to blending tech with the human touch, to approaching leads with the right line of questioning to uncover needs, we are now in the midst of preparing for our next series of four webinars!

Here is a compilation of the highlights from our previous four webinars

While we do have a view of the topics and content we would like to share at the upcoming webinars, we felt it would only make sense if we consulted with you as well!

Let us know what webinars topics you’d be interested in

As such, we will greatly appreciate if you could take this short survey in the form below to help us understand what webinars topics you’d be interested in

Take part in the above survey to be eligible and Surer will pick one respondent for sponsorship of a 1-year Singapore Insurance Institute (SII) ordinary membership worth $50!

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