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Quiz: What’s your ‘Sales GE Political Candidate’?

By July 3, 2020April 13th, 2022No Comments

Full disclaimer mode here first:

This quiz is done, purely tongue-in-cheek, and by no means aim to smear, insult or harm the reputation of anyone.

Also, this quiz is only a generalisation of the various selling styles in this writer’s own opinion based on his experience interacting with different sales folks. It is not backed by any expert studies on human behaviour nor does it claim to be such.

At the end of the day, IT IS FOR FUN and at the same time, hopefully, can shed some light on your strengths and areas of improvement – if you think it makes sense!

So… don’t angry if the result is not what you think it is or is matched to someone you don’t like k? 

We previously ran quite a popular quiz on ‘What type of General Insurance Agent are you?’ and thought now would be quite a fun time to do another, in relation to GE. 


Like mentioned in the previous quiz, we really subscribe to this famous quote from Sun Tze: 

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Basically, it is fundamental to have some level of self-awareness.

Every salesperson has arguably their own unique selling style. 

And… due to GE craze and boredom of this writer’s, writing too many overly serious articles we thought to better understand what type of salesperson you are, it might be helpful to determine which GE political candidate represents your selling style.


So which GE political candidate are you when it comes to selling style? 

Take the quiz below to find out!

Quiz: Which Sales GE Political Candidate Are You?

Select the answers that best apply to you. Then, tally up which letter of response you have the most, to determine which GE political candidate you are (at the bottom of the quiz).

1. What do you do to win over undecided clients?

A: I can usually push them a little bit more.

B: I try to better my relationship with the client.

C: I show them the extra benefits of my product/service.

D: I establish my credibility and express sympathy for the client.

2. What is the most important trait a salesperson should have?

A: Be assertive and confident when communicating with the client.

B: Listen carefully to the client.

C: Understand all the details of the product/service.

D: Maintain a strong relationship with peers to learn from one another.

3. What is your role (or what do you think your role will be) within a sales team?

A: I’m the breadwinner, often bringing in more revenue than my team.

B: I’m loyal to my team and on good terms with everyone.

C: I’m the go-to person for anyone who needs help in product training.

D: I’m well respected by my team and strive to make everyone successful.

4. How do you respond to conflict?

A: I’m familiar with conflict and I find it easy to overcome.

B: I can handle conflict if it arises but prefer to avoid it.

C: I avoid conflict at all times.

D: I can take care of conflict well, though some have said I’m too aggressive.

5. Are you more spontaneous or do you plan ahead?

A: No need to plan ahead. I take things as they come.

B: I try to plan ahead, but sometimes find myself not having time to.

C: I have my whole life planned out.

D: I plan for the immediate foreseeable future.

6. How do you cope with missing your sales goals?

A: I rarely miss my sales goals. There is no excuse.

B: I lean back on my manager and peers for extra support.

C: I hone in on my sales pitch and see what I can do better next time.

D: I know why I didn’t make my goal and understand what it will take to succeed next time.

7. What do you think is most important when closing a deal?

A: My client closes with me quickly and efficiently, even if it takes some pushing.

B: My client is satisfied with the deal, even if it costs the company a bit.

C: My client knows exactly what they are getting from the product/service.

D: My client trusts me and believes that the deal will benefit them.

8. How do you make decisions?

A: I follow my instincts and do what comes naturally to me.

B: I consult other people and gather their opinions.

C: I analyze the facts and put my mind over heart.

D: I trust my gut, but it depends on how big the decision is and how it will affect others.

Mostly A: Cheese Soon Juan

Soon Juans know when there is blood in the water and the first to jump at any sliver of opportunity. They then aggressively pursue this with extreme passion and doggedness. Soon Juans will go to all ends to achieve their goals and this is reflective of their highly competitive and dominant nature. While highly efficient, the Soon Juan assertive personality could potentially be ‘overkill’ when it comes to the overall customer experience.

Mostly B: Nicole channelling-low-ah-kiang Sia

Nicole Sias demonstrate a strong level of EQ and are generally attentive and caring towards the needs of others. This allows them to build strong personal bonds with their customers. Nicole Sias are no stranger to returning customers or supporters and often have a stronghold in their domain. However, Nicole Sias focus on satisfying their existing base may sometimes distract them from gunning for new pastures or businesses.

Mostly C: Heng Heng Swee Swee Keat

The Heng Heng Swee Swees are wise and experienced experts in their field / products. They readily showcase this knowledge when given the chance to, in a non-pressurised situation. This is something their clients appreciate of them and is key to fostering client confidence. However, Heng Heng Swee Swees may not be as adept when it comes to presenting their knowledge concisely to hold the customers’ attention, instead, sometimes overwhelming them with information.

Mostly D: Lee Hsiao Long

Hsiao Longs are born leaders of their sales team. Not only for their outstanding performance but also their experience and smarts. Hsiao Longs are practical and productive and seem to know the right thing to do at the right time. Their presence commands respect from anyone they encounter. However, Hsiao Longs may also become overly defensive when their actions are challenged.

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