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[Training Recording] Surer Training: leveraging Surer and unleashing the potential of tech for your business

By September 1, 2023September 4th, 2023No Comments

Having conducted upwards of 20 webinars across the past 12 months, an ongoing request / feedback from these webinars was to be more prescriptive about how Surer can help intermediaries and their business.

We have shared the following table in many of our webinars to help intermediaries understand digital transformation should not just be a ‘trend’ to follow just for the sake of it – it should be done because they understand the ‘why’ of how it helps the business

I want to close deals faster Cut out all the (repetitive) effort you have to put in to source for multiple quotes
I want ease in managing my business Automate the tracking of all your deals (past, present or future)
I want to close more deals Expand your network digitally to get more referrals

Understanding the ‘why’ of digital transformation will then lead you to search for the ‘how’.

We usually get requests, at this point, to showcase Surer and its capabilities. However, we did not feel our webinar was a suitable platform to do so.

With the above, we held a separate, in-depth training  to be more direct in showcasing how Surer helps intermediaries grow their business!

If you had missed the training, fret not! Here’s a full video recording of what was shared!

  • 0:00 – 19:25mins: high level overview of what Surer is about
  • 19:25 – 28:42mins: setting your Surer account up
  • 28:43 – 37:47mins: creating a proposal and receiving quotes
  • 37:48 – 42:04mins: sharing quotes with your clients digitally and closing a deal
  • 42:05 – end: tracking your deals, storing your policies and creating proposal templates

Once again, thank you to all users who attended the training and your continuous support!

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