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Feature intro: Business Analytics (Lite)

By August 25, 2022No Comments

As intermediary users get more active on Surer, we recognise the need for some form of analytics tool that allows users to get an overview of their business and transactions done via Surer.

So… this new feature!

Business Analytics (Lite)

We know there can be a lot more done to this feature to provide more insights thus we are calling this a ‘Lite’ version! While iteration work is underway, here’s sharing what users can get out of their Business Analytics (Lite) feature.

Users will be able to get an overview of 3 key metrics (as seen on the ‘cards’ in the screenshot above)

  • Sales i.e. the premiums worth of policies that have been sold in the selected date range
  • Commission
  • Policies created

These headline numbers can be further broken down into two levels:

  • Product Type
  • Insurer

To do so, users simply have to select the ‘type’ of breakdown required for the particular metric and click on ‘Export Report’. Before doing so, be sure that the date range for the required data for the report is toggled accordingly!

Users can then expect to receive an email with an attachment of this report that will show in-depth breakdown required!

We wanted to keep things lite at the start to not inundate users. However, keep your eyes peeled as this is just the beginning of an ever improving Business Analytics feature!

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