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Chubb is the first insurer to have its selected products placed on Surer’s Instant Quote Marketplace! All Surer users will now be able to generate an instant indicative quote via this platform for Chubb’s Home and Personal Accident Protection Solutions.



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Surer’s instant quote marketplace showcases a suite of products conveniently in one place.

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All products in the marketplace come with an instant quote function – when we say instant, we mean instant; within seconds!

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Getting the quotation is one thing. Surer allows you to share the quotes and close the deal directly with your clients and insurer(s) as well.

*To transact and earn commission on any quote, you must be an authorised representative of the insurer. Please take note of our Terms and Conditions.


Simply Home® Enhanced

Simply Home® Enhanced is a home insurance plan designed to provide a simple solution to protecting your client, their family, and their home. Simply Home Enhanced provides clients with comprehensive coverage to cover the loss or damage of your home furniture, renovation, personal belongings and more. Simply Home Enhanced also comes with complimentary enhanced benefits as well as optional add-ons for additional coverage at a minimal fee.

Chubb PAL Protect™

Chubb PAL Protect™ (Chubb Personal Accident & Lifestyle Protect) is an affordable plan that protects your client and their loved ones from adverse financial impact in the event of an accident. It also offers clients protection against 21 types of infectious diseases, food poisoning and worldwide terrorism cover.


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You will first need to sign up for a Surer account which is FREE! Still unsure how to get started? Get in touch with us and a Surer team member will be in touch asap!

Select the insurance product

After logging in to your Surer account, you will have access to our Instant Quote Marketplace where you will find the Chubb products. If you are an existing agent representing Chubb, you can continue to fill out the details of your client accordingly to be sent directly to Chubb! If not, you can reach out to our team here and we will connect you with the team at Chubb.

Provide policy details

Fill out the required information. Once done, you will be able to generate an instant quotation and a link that can be shared with your client digitally – thereafter, you can then confirm the cover directly with the insurer. All policy details will be stored in your Surer account for future follow-up purposes!

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  • I do not represent Chubb, can I still get a quote?

    Yes. You will still be able to get an indicative quote, generated via our platform. However, if you want to transact on this quote and earn commission, you will have to be a representative of Chubb.

  • How do I become a Chubb representative?

    If you are an existing Surer user, you can reach out to our team here – we will then connect you with the relevant team at Chubb!

  • Can I refer my client to another agent to purchase the Chubb product?

    Yes you can! Using the referral function in the Surer platform, you can refer your client to a Chubb representative to complete the application and transaction. Do take note of the terms and conditions below.

  • If I refer my client to a Chubb representative, do I still get a commission from Chubb?

    No. If you do not represent Chubb, Chubb will not be able to give you a commission.

  • Do I have to be a Surer user to access this platform?

    Yes. If you are not a Surer user, get your free 60-day trial account now. It is fuss-free; no credit card or payment needed. Get your account here!

  • I am unable to access the quote feature, why?

    This feature is only available to registered Surer users. If you are not a Surer user, you can get your free 60-day trial account here. It is fuss-free; no credit card or payment needed.

  • When you say 'instant quote', how fast is it?

    Instant! Within a few seconds!

  • Will there be more products with instant quotation functions?

    Yes. The team at Surer is constantly in conversation with our insurance partners to onboard more products on our marketplace.

  • How does Surer work?

    You can request for a demo here. A Surer team member will get in touch with you to schedule for a 1-1 demo to showcase how Surer works. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us to schedule for a demo here as well.


  • What is the paid subscription pricing tier like for Surer?

    The first 60 days of your account is free after which, you can upgrade to one of our subscription pricing plans here. Subscriptions start from $25/month. We are currently running a giveaway initiative for all users who have a paid Surer subscription – don’t forget to check it out as well!


  • Can I speak to a Surer team member to find out more?

    Yes. Simply click here to launch a WhatsApp chat with our team member.

  • Terms & Conditions

    • You declare that you are a registered Singapore General Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor and/or Financial Institution.
    • You must be an authorised representative of Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (Chubb),  in order to confirm a policy.
    • If you are not an authorised representative of Chubb you must proceed to formalise this by completing the forms here to represent Chubb before confirming a policy
    • If you are sending out a referral request:
      – You have obtained consent from your client to send the referral request and have made your client aware of the identity of the agent to whom you are referring them.
      – You agree that you are not authorised to and will not give any advice on any Chubb product as a non-representative of Chubb and that, following the referral, you will step away from the transaction entirely and will not interact with your client concerning the Chubb product.
      – You agree that advice on any Chubb product must only be given to your client by the authorised representative of Chubb to whom you have made the referral. This includes any claims related advice.
      – You agree that you will not enter into any agreement or arrangement that could be considered sub-agency.
    • Notwithstanding the above, it is your responsibility at all times:
      – as a licensed General Insurance Agent, to adhere to the General Insurance Association of Singapore Code of Practice for Agents.
      – as a licensed Insurance Intermediary, to adhere to the applicable regulations under the Insurance (Intermediaries) Regulations – Chapter 142 of the Insurance Act (Sections 35Y, 35ZA, 35ZC, 35ZD, 35ZE, 35ZG, 35ZN, 35ZO, 36, 52(1), 56A(3) AND 64).
      – As a user of Surer you accept the Terms of Service and Platform Usage Guidelines of Surer.


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